Leaders in as-built/existing conditions  

 measurements and CAD design for commercial, 

 residential and industrial structures 

Verified Existing Conditions has over 20 years of experience documenting existing conditions and providing as-builts for commercial, residential and industrial structures.  

Our experienced team produces high quality drawings for architects, engineers, building owners, developers, design & drafting departments, property management companies and facility managers across the United States.

We are located in Morris County, New Jersey.


While many of our clients are in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and other East Coast locations, we also travel as needed and have worked on projects across the country.




Our clients include building owners, developers, architects, engineers and more.

  • As-Builts

  • Gross Building Area

  • Gross Measured Area

  • Building Rentable Area

  • Floor Rentable Area

  • Floor Usable Area

  • Usable Area

  • Blueprints


We provide architects with dimensioned plans, sections and elevations.

  • Interior & Exterior Dimensions

  • Floor-to-Floor Heights

  • Plate Heights

  • Roof Angles

  • Window and Door Sizes

  • Wall Types and Thicknesses


Facility managers and owners making improvements or creating evacuation plans rely on us.

  • Existing Conditions 

  • CAD and CAFM documentation

  • Rentable and Usable Areas

  • Common Areas

  • Logistic and Rack Layouts

  • Parking

  • LOD

  • Fire Protection

Why Verified?

With over 20 years of experience, Verified Existing Conditions is one of the industry leaders in as-built surveys.

We use the latest tools to provide you with reliable and accurate services when you need them. 

With existing conditions documentation from our team you will be able to plan smarter and avoid change orders by uncovering unexpected obstacles earlier in the process.

You will also save valuable time and be able to focus your attention and resources on more strategic and creative work.


Let our team provide the thorough and detailed data you need to build your plans, confirm your strategies and validate your designs.






> 5 million

 Sq. Feet 




American Eagle.jpg

Building plans and storefront elevations.

NYC May 2019 Highrise_Google Satellite V

Highrise floor and ceiling plans.





VECS has been our go-to company for as-built work since 2003. They have continued to provide our firm with accurate drawings ever since.


From shopping plazas, to mansions to warehouses, Jay and his crew have always provided great work. 

Christian G. Albrecht AIA