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How Drone Technology Helps Verify Existing Conditions

Many people across the country are familiar with the use of drones, aka UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems, for high-end sports and landscape photography and maybe you’ve even caught some events from the Drone Racing League on ESPN or YouTube.

However, there is also a mature commercial market for the user of drone technology, specifically in short-range surveillance and photography or analysis and that’s exactly how we use drones in our business today.

When you find yourself without appropriate measurements of a building, whether it’s residential or commercial, there are often elements of that site or structure that require a unique view to properly document what’s existing.

We’ve used drones to help us locate and identify hazardous conditions.

In a recent project we were able to share the location and size of HVAC units and reveal otherwise unknown technical details of each unit by reading the plates on the equipment.

Drones have helped us uncover, measure and assess the condition of otherwise inaccessible areas of rooftop or obstructed egress.

Our pilots have flown drones over residential structures to properly assess rooftop conditions and provide an aerial view of surrounding landscape. We’ve reached great heights over places of worship with spires which would otherwise be very difficult to measure and as mentioned previously, we’ve been able to document in detail equipment that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Does your project include hard to reach areas? Are you unsure what’s on your rooftop? Does the condition of your rooftop concern you?

Contact us and with just a few details about your project we can provide you with a quote and tell you how we can help you verify existing conditions and secure your as-built measurements.

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