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Top Benefits of Outsourcing As-Built Surveys

All too often you go to start a project and realize no one has ever measured the existing conditions. There are literally no records of the structure or site as it is built today.

Now you, as the architect, are being asked to come up with a plan for a renovation or add-on and you don’t have proper measurements to use as a baseline.

Or, maybe you are a leasing agent and your potential tenant is asking for floor or building layouts.

You could also be a broker trying to sell a property site to investors who understandably want details or maybe you are a facilities manager who has been asked to document an evacuation or fire protection plan.

Whoever you are and whatever the reason for needing to know what exists today, there are very few reasons for you to take the time to take those measurements yourself and many benefits to outsourcing that work to a team like Verified Existing Conditions Group (VECS.)

1. Accelerate your timelines

With a team like Verified working on your behalf, we can document existing conditions while you are gathering requirements, conducting research, brainstorming new design concepts or doing any number of other tasks you have been contracted or asked to do.

Our experts will take measurements on location and can you send you work in progress daily so you can incorporate our findings in close to real-time or we can quickly compile our full report and send it to you only once it’s complete. Either way, you’ll find that timelines are greatly compressed when you have a second team working simultaneously alongside yours.

2. Avoid the unknown

Over the years we have helped countless architects and engineers avoid unanticipated surprises whether that’s an obstructed egress or inaccessible rooftop, our team consists of seasoned professionals who are well versed in the requirements of design, architecture, construction and more and will alert you to potential issues or areas of concern.

3. Reallocate resources

By outsourcing the tasks of measuring existing conditions you can reallocate resources to other tasks and either increase the scope of your activity to go above and beyond your normal deliverables, accelerate your timelines, enhance your quality control or provide something new and different. You may even be able to lower your costs!

4. Focused skilled labor on higher-end tasks

Arguably the biggest benefit of outsourcing the creation of as-built surveys and taking measurement of existing conditions is the idea that you can then focus your higher skilled talents on doing the work only you or they can do. The strategy, planning and design of future state is unarguably a task only skilled labor can handle so leave the more menial or basic tasks to others and focus skilled and more expensive resources on the work that matters most.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an architect, engineer, property manager or developer, contact us so we can efficiently and expertly get your baseline documentation out of the way and help you stay focused on the tasks at hand. Provide us a bit of detail about your project and we’ll respond quickly with a quote.

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